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Meet the Sculptures

PINK DANCE - One of my early abstracts, it is done in what art historians call Russian Constructivism .


PINK FLAMINGO - The first whimsical steel creature I made (1992). Shrinks are right. Deal with your old junk, or it will come back to haunt you in unexpected ways!


MARY KAY PINK GARDEN ROCKET - If I have to explain this to Attorney Gen. John Ashcroft, I’ll claim it’s the work of militant gay Taliban activists.


THE PUNK STEGASAURUS - This punk dinosaur with shocking blue body and a pink hair style is made from an old hot water heater Do you think this is the sort of dino that would hop around singing “I love you, you love me’?


PURPLE WITCH - How do we know she’s a witch? Well, she’s thinner than you are for starters...


MADONNA DINO - THE “TIRE”-O- DACTYLE - How can you tell it’s a “tire”-o-dactyle? Two ways: there is a tyro “tire”-o-dactyle in the nest and the nest is made of truck tires!


DANCING MEN - This abstract does well being a bright color against a background of brick and dark green. Too many people try to match their sculptures’ colors with their garden when they should be contrasting the colors.


THE YELLOW BUG FLYING MACHINE - The last in a series I built called “What If Bugs Had Been Crossbred With First World War Aeroplanes???!!”


MAN IN THE MOON POURS OUT THE MILKY WAY WITH THE BIG DIPPER - The Moon’s made in hand forged steel, paint, scrap, and a hint of green cheese; the stars are scrap steel and metal balls from a banister supply company.


SANTA AND THE EIGHT TINY RIMDEER - Made from wheel barrow wheels and a wheel barrow for a sleigh, these have got to be RIMdeer. Santa is a freon can with a grain scoop for a head, funnel for a cap, small bulldozer teeth for shoes, and electric motor parts for beard and lace trim.


THE BLAME DIAL - Who cares what time it is? We just need to know who to point the finger at. That’s why there are no hours listed on this dial. Recently divorced ladies are encouraged to commission special dials that say HIM, HIM, HIM, HIM.


- Is a whimsical beast from the Winnie the Pooh books read to me as a child. Remember, Pooh and Piglet go hunting for woozles and heffalumps with no idea of what either looks like? Now we know, even if they don’t!


COPPER ART TRELLISES - These ladies make their own, one of a kind and limited edition trellises in copper tubing, stained glass and whatever else strikes their fancy. Yes, the trellises are for sale and they would be thrilled if you stopped and asked to buy one.


THE GUARD BUG - This is the first yard art in the neighborhood I did. The owners have long been patrons of my work and the Guard Bug was the second piece they bought.


BLUE SAILBOAT BENCH in POLLOCK PLACE PARK - Between Pollock Place, Taylor St, and Merriman Avenue. The first bench I’ve built, shaped like a sailboat, seats eight parents --or about a dozen small, limitless imaginations.


RED SKELETON OVERDOES IT ON A NORDIC TRACK - Let this be a lesson to you about getting a little too obsessive-compulsive about your exercise routine. In my opinion, this is a tremendously good argument for healthful side effects of eating more brownies.