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Dragon House

It sort of looks like a dragon, with the top windows for eyes and porch as an open mouth. All it needs is a big red tongue painted on the walkway and some teeth on the corners of the porch overhang.

I've decorated it with a number of dragon and dragonfly-inspired trellises, gates and garden decorations. I even have a dragon mailbox next to the front door.

Featured in the front yard is the Man in the Moon Pours out the Milky Way with the Big Dipper. During the holidays we put out Santa and the Eight Tiny Rim-deer. Also in the front yard, look for The Blame Dial.

The Man in the Moon Pours out the Milky Way with the Big Dipper is hand forged steel, paint, scrap, and a hint of green cheese; the stars are scrap steel and metal balls from a banister supply company. Saturn looks alarmed at all the goings on - the hair he's combed over his bald spot is made of spoon handles, as are his ears.


Santa and the Eight Tiny Rim-deer are made from wheel barrow wheels and a wheel barrow for a sleigh, these have got to be RIMdeer. Their heads are bicycle forks, their hind legs, hay thatching hooks from a tractor, and tails made of trowel handles. The eyes and hooves are lug nuts. Santa is a freon can with a grain scoop for a head, funnel for a cap, small bulldozer teeth for shoes, and electric motor parts for beard and lace trim. He is currently on the side of the house next to the drive way.

The Blame Dial is everyone's favorite because who cares what time it is? We just need to know who to point the finger at. That’s why there are no hours listed on this dial. Recently divorced ladies are encouraged to commission special dials that say HIM, HIM, HIM, HIM.



Joel Haas, Sculptor
3215 Merriman Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27607-7001