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About the Neighborhood Sculpture Walk

I'm the neighborhood sculptor, Joel Haas. I live at 3215 Merriman Avenue. With the kind cooperation of my neighbors, I have placed a variety of my steel sculpture in neighbor's yards along Merriman Avenue, Taylor Street, and Bedford Avenue.

People believe they need a lot of money to own original art. Generally, people actually have enough money to buy art, but not enough courage. That said, I would like to thank my neighbors for possessing the graciousness and self confidence to display my work in their gardens.

I think its a good example to neighborhood kids that being an artist is a viable career choice. I hope to inspire my neighbors or you, the visitor, to try your own hand at making sculpture for your garden. Finally, maybe other sculptors will be inspired to set up sculpture walks in their neighborhoods (if they don't live in Cary).

Answers to a Few Frequently Asked Questions:

  •  I create my work by welding steel scrap together and painting it. Make a game of trying to guess what I used.
  •  Yes! The art work is for sale - or you can commission me to create a sculpture specifically for you.
  •  No problem, really, I just wash them with liquid soap and a soft sponge twice a year
  •  Well, there's always a first time, but I have never had anybody steal or vandalize my work.
  •  Because I grew up in this neighborhood and the older people just shake their heads and mutter knowingly, "Well, you know his parents were that way, too..."
  •  By contacting me and just asking me to put a sculpture in your garden, Or by making one yourself and asking me to include it on the sculpture walk list.

  • Joel and Joy Haas
    3215 Merriman Avenue
    Raleigh, NC 27607