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Joel Haas’ Angel Share Project


“A gift unshared becomes a burden.”

                                                       Thomas Merton


When I read that quote some years ago, I wondered how I could share my gifts.  Then, I realized I had many high quality photos of my angel sculptures in my portfolio non profits could use.  I had already been paid for making the actual sculpture.  Unlike photographers and painters, I did not have a compelling economic interest in the flat image of my work.  Thus was born my "ANGEL SHARE PROJECT."

I donate image rights of my angel sculptures to non profit organizations for fundraising.  They may use the image on tee shirts, greeting cards, or whatever they wish.  I work out income sharing arrangements with non profits producing limited editions.



A patron commissioning a unique angel sculpture will have the satisfaction of knowing images of their angel will go around the world doing good works while the original graces their garden, home, or place of worship.


If you work with, or know of, a non profit which would like to use the angel images as fundraisers or to work with artist on a limited edition arrangement, contact Joel.

Click on the link at the bottom of the page to see a few examples.


Joel Haas, sculptor

3215 Merriman Ave.

Raleigh, NC 27607



Click here to see examples of Christmas Cards,etc. that are available and that have been used by various non profits in the past.

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